Spondylolysis/Pars Defect

Spondylolysis/Pars Fracture: Surgical Treatment Part 6

The last blog post demonstrated my preferred method to fix
spondylolysis/pars fractures, when nonsurgical methods fail to adequately
relieve low back pain.

There have been other method to stabilize the surgery as
demonstrated below:

The below case
demonstrates why I prefer pedicle screw fixation-rod-laminar hook fixation:

At this point he was 1 year out from surgery by another
surgeon, with an unhealed spondylolysis/pars fracture repair.

Because L5 has now slipped forward we could not do another
pars repair surgery, as it would definitely fail. Demonstrated below, instead
we had to fuse L5 to S1 by using a posterior screw-rod-screw construct and by
removing the disc from the back then placing bone graft/cage between the vertebral
bodies in the front.

At 6 months after his 2nd surgery he has no back
pain for the first time in 4 years and can participate in school activities

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