Low-Grade Spondylolisthesis (Part 3)

The case in the last post is a Low-Grade Slip/Spondylolisthesis Fusion Surgery. The cage which is placed in the front add to the strength of the repair, by minimizing deflection due to cantilever forces.

The below link explain this:


However, sometimes a cage isn’t needed or simply cannot be
placed into the front of the spine.

The below case demonstrates a Low-Grade
Slip/Spondylolisthesis L5-S1 Fusion Surgery without a cage.

The young lady is now 5 years out from surgery, has no pain
and is participating in the activities she wants without limitation.

Regardless if a cage is placed, or not, the goal is a solid,
stable, durable fusion which should enable the individual to participate in activities
of daily living and athletics with minimal back/leg pain.


If I have surgery
will my back pain and leg pain go away 100%?
In general, fusion surgery
allows significant low back pain relief, and if they have buttock/leg pain that
is also improved. Since pain is a subjective sensation, the amount of pain
relief can vary.

How long will I be
out of sports?
The fusion process, L5 to S1, takes several years to get
strong, but we can often let our athletes return to their sports at 6 months
postoperatively, depending on the sport, its intensity and level of
participation.  Advanced imaging at 6
months, such as a CT scan, can be helpful.

Are there any
activities or sports which are not recommended to do after surgery?
after this surgery, I do not recommend sports such as American football, rugby,
wrestling, tumbling and gymnastics. These sports place an extreme amount of
force on the low back, and the surgical repair site.  In addition, weightlifting exercises of dead
lift and squats are discouraged, for the same reason. All other sports and
recreational activities can otherwise be restarted, as long as healing is on

Can the slip get
worse after surgery?
If the surgery is a success, meaning the fusion
occurs, then the slip cannot get worse.

Will I need more than
one surgery?
The goal is to perform one surgery.  The spine implants stay in forever.

In the next posts we will show High-Grade Spondylolistheses/Slips

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