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How do I find a physician for my child with spinal deformity?

looking for a physician to care for pediatric spinal deformity it is
recommended to seek out providers who are member of the Scoliosis Research
Society (SRS) and the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA).  The SRS is an organization which requires its
member surgeons to have the care of spinal deformity occupy a majority of their
clinical practice, and they must contribute to the scientific advancement of
spinal deformity knowledge through research.
POSNA is a professional organization centered on the musculoskeletal
care of children, from head to toe.  So
for both organizations, pediatric spinal deformity occupies a part of their
overall focus.  By selecting a physician
who is a member of both organizations you will have someone who understands the
musculoskeletal system of children and possesses the technical expertise, and
interest, in spine deformity surgery. 
are some other factors should I consider?
            Does the physician work (do surgery)
at a tertiary-care children’s hospital?
            Does this hospital have ALL the
services my child may need?        
                        A 24-hour pediatric
intensive care unit (PICU) staffed by 24-hour pediatric intensivists
trained anesthesiologists
trained general surgeons
full spectrum of pediatric medical specialists (i.e. cardiology, neurology, etc…)
full-service pediatric radiology department (MRI, CT, ultrasound, bone scanning, etc…)
reputation (both word-of-mouth and U.S. New and World Report ranking)
            Physician training and experience
            Physician’s annual surgical volume
of spine deformity
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