Posterior Spinal Fusion for Thoracic Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

Two blog posts ago the topic of thoracic Scheuermann’s Kyphosis (SK) was presented, stopping short of discussing the surgical treatment.  In this post we will show a patient who underwent correction of his SK using posterior column osteotomies (see blog post from 9-6-2020) and posterior spinal fusion (see blog post from 1-16-2022).   The two […]

Thoracic Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

What is thoracic kyphosis? From the side the human spine is wavy, unlike the view from the front in which it should be straight. The only part of the spine with kyphosis is the thoracic spine, the cervical and lumbar spine are in lordosis. How much thoracic kyphosis is normal? In general normal kyphosis is […]