Recent Publication in Spine Deformity

Post 8-9-2023 Take-away message: Regardless of fixation, whether it be the spine or the ribs, the spine will get stiffer over time with dual magnetically-controlled growing rods.

Talking Points for Early-Onset Scoliosis Patients: Magnetically-Controlled Growing Rods vs. Shilla Growth-Guidance

In the surgical treatment of Early-Onset Scoliosis (EOS) the options boil down to two main constructs: Distraction-Based: this encompasses both Traditional Growing Rods (TGR) and Magnetically-Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR)             Growth-Guidance: this is also called the “Shilla Procedure” We will not go into detail about these two spine constructs, but ask you go […]

New publication comparing MAGEC Growing Rods, Posterior Spinal Fusion and Vertebral Body Tether in 8-11 year old scoliosis patients

  Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2021 Oct 1.  doi: 10.1097/BRS.0000000000004245. Online ahead of print. Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) Versus Single Posterior Spinal Fusion (PSF) Versus Vertebral Body Tether (VBT) in Older Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) Patients: How Do Early Outcomes Compare? Catherine Mackey 1, Regina Hanstein, Yungtai Lo, Majella Vaughan, Tricia St Hilaire, Scott J Luhmann, Michael G Vitale, Michael P Glotzbecker, Amer Samdani, Stefan Parent, Jaime […]

Resources for Early-Onset Scoliosis

Just a reminder…..these are two links to access solid, physician-accepted information about early-onset scoliosis

What organ systems are affected by Early-Onset Scoliosis (EOS)?

Scoliosis, at any age, causes distortion of the body from the neck to the waistline.  Though on the x-rays (or radiographs) that are obtained to evaluate for scoliosis the spine only appears to curve in a lateral direction, however it actually has become deformed in three dimensions (front, side and axial).  The front view is […]

Spine Bracing in Early-Onset Scoliosis (EOS)

Bracing in EOS is a commonly utilized nonsurgical intervention.  Braces are constructed of either rigid or semi-rigid plastic, and are designed on an individual basis. The orthotist (the person who makes the brace) analyzes each patients’ anatomy and radiographic deformity, then constructs the brace. The brace is contoured to place pressure points on the ribs […]

The Spectrum of Treatment Options for Early-Onset Scoliosis

There are many treatment options in early-onset scoliosis (EOS), but all can be lumped into 2 broad groups: nonsurgical and surgical.  The nonsurgical options include: observation, physical therapy, bracing, and casting. Surgical options include: traditional growing rods, MAGEC growing rods, vertebral body stapling, vertebral body tether, Shilla growth guidance procedure and fusions (bilateral and unilateral) […]