Latest Publication on Intraoperative Halo-Femoral Traction

  Appointments: 314-514-3500                      Appointments: 314-432-3600    This study was just published in the Journal of Spine Deformity For those interested to read more please use this hyperlink supplied by the publisher:

What is a “Spine Fusion”

In the average, normal spine there are 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, and 5 lumbar vertebra, a sacrum and coccyx.  From the skull to the sacrum, each vertebra is separated by a mobile disc, which is a highly complex structure which provides stability and motion at the same time. In spinal deformity, such as scoliosis, the […]

What is ApiFix?

In previous posts the Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) has been presented.  This implant utilizes the flexibility of the growing thoracic spine, and its growth, to straighten the spine and then modulates its growth through the remainder of spinal growth.  There has been a lot of social media interest and publications about this procedure over […]