Bertolotti’s Syndrome

What is Bertolotti’s Syndrome? Bertolotti’s Syndrome involves the lowest vertebra in the back; the one just above the sacrum, called the L5 vertebra.  Basically, Bertolotti’s Syndrome is an abnormal development of the L5 vertebra, which occurred in utero. Normally the L5 vertebra is completely mobile (with a normal disc) and whose transverse processes do NOT […]

Blog Post on the latest, hot-off-the-presses publication on Vertebral Body Tethering

  Some important points of this paper: 1.     1.  Surgeries done 2011-2015, prior to FDA approval 2.     2.  FDA primarily interested in device safety, secondarily on efficacy 3.    3.   Inclusion criteria: a. Only include Type 1A and 1B curve patterns, which means only main thoracic curves. b. There were NO curve patterns with structural […]