Congenital Scoliosis #4 

1.     How much will the congenital scoliosis change with growth? a.      Plain radiographs and MRI may be able to predict spinal growth and the chance of developing a spinal deformity or its speed of progression (worsening) in some patients.  This is more likely if there is a single area of abnormal vertebral development.  If […]

Congenital Scoliosis #3

Why is congenital scoliosis different than idiopathic, syndromic, neuromuscular? As presented 2 blogs ago, congenital scoliosis is the group of spinal deformity in children that is due to the vertebra being abnormally developed.  The other three diagnostic categories usually have normal vertebra development, for the most part.  So, in the other three the growth of […]