Scoliosis Surgery Frequently-Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I have scoliosis?             Uneven shoulders or hips, or asymmetry of the contour of the back (which is more obvious with forward bending) can be visual tip-offs that scoliosis is present.  Also, individuals with a family history of scoliosis are more likely to have scoliosis.  Assessment by primary care […]

Driving After Adolescent Spine Surgery: FAQs and General Guidelines

When can I return to driving after surgery?   The ability to return to driving after orthopedic spine surgery us dependent on several factors including the type of surgery performed, the type of car (manual vs automatic) and the surgical site.  Studies using driving simulators have been able to estimate when braking function and reaction […]

Halo-Gravity Traction in Spinal Deformity Treatment (Part 3)

Do the kids lie in bed the entire time? Absolutely not. The only time they are in bed is to sleep, take a nap or rest.  Otherwise the patients in traction are kept busy and upright. If patients are in bed they will not get the maximal benefit from the traction, so the more they […]