Patient Feature: World Pediatric Project

The World Pediatric Project’s winter fundraiser called “Treasures in Paradise” happened last week, Friday January 26th, The keynote speaker was Erickson Hernandez, a wonderful young man who Drs. Manke and Goldfarb, and myself treated at our Shriner’s Hospital. Check out the web address (copy and paste in your browser) below for a video of Erickson’s […]

Vertebral Body Tethering Part 4

  Primum non nocere or “do no harm” is a basic tenet of medicine.  This is why for surgical procedures, such as Vertebral Body Tethering or VBT, safety is the pre-eminent concern, even more so than its efficacy or how well it works.  If a surgical procedure is safe (infrequent, minor complications, with no significant […]

Vertebral Body Tethering for Scoliosis Part 3

  In Medicine, and in particular the area of spine deformity, the development of new treatments and technologies which can demonstrate improved outcomes, lower frequencies of complications, and/or faster recovery can create a “buzz” and enthusiasm depending on its potential of improvement.  Physicians typically see these innovations earlier than the general public at medical meetings […]